Samuki was born on the planet of Meta and has always dreamed of traveling to distant worlds, winning battles and to be the greatest warriors in the world.

When portals to other dimensions with hostile monsters began to appear in his home world, he was one of the first to defend his home planet. He decided to go on a raid alone to sweep the hostile territory.

A familiar blacksmith forged him a special armor from the rarest materials and made him the sharpest sword that does not lose strength.


to go with Samuki to an unknown land and walk with him all the way to victory?


RPG level

The level is organized in the form of an island on which the main action takes place. The hero appears in the central location of the island, which is the starting point and the point of preservation.

The total area of the island is 1.5 million square meters


The hero must run through all sections of the island to make a complete sweep of all monsters. The island is divided into 6 main locations + 1 conservation location.

After a complete sweep and killing of the level boss, the hero moves tothe next level of difficulty. There are 100 levels in total. With each level, monsters get +10% more attack power, +10% more life level, and also at different levels there are monsters of different types that have increased characteristics – a kind of location bosses, which can be more than 1.

Every 10 levels, a separate location with a mega boss appears, which the player will need a lot of time and a large skill level to kill.

1 conservation location
6 main locations
100 levels in total


For killing each monster, the hero gets the experience that is needed to improve the characteristics of the hero. The maximum available hero level is 100, each level gives







Every 5 levels, the hero opens a new skill that can be used in battle or to improve of the current skills.

Every 15 levels, a new type of weapon appears in the game, which the player can find at one of the locations.





Q2 2022

Kick off Samuki Reveal NFT Collection: Specification - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic & Legendary items

Q4 2022

  • NFT Staking Launch
  • Game Token Launch
  • Game Reward Launch

Q3 2022

Samuki NFT holders only - Special early alpha access for RPG Gam Implement Special and Bonus Perks For Rare to Legendary NFT Holder Metaverse Integration